A Spoonful of Sugar...Cakes!
All cakes are made with 4 layers and include 3 layers of filling
Moist chocolate cake filled with creamy chocolate pudding and cream cheese, topped with a rich chocolate fudge frosting that is sure to leave you wanting one more piece!
Traditional yellow cake filled with fresh raspberry and tart kiwis, topped with real vanilla buttercream.
Red Velvet
Rich and chocolatey red velvet cake filled with a homemade cream cheese filling and mouth watering cream cheese frosting. A favorite for birthdays and baby showers.
Sundae Split
Simple vanilla cake filled with a creamy vanilla pudding infused with fresh strawberries and bananas.
Cake is topped with a fresh, rich strawberry buttercream.
The Monkey
Chocolate fudge cake filled with creamy peanut butter and fresh banana slices.
This fudgey cake is topped with peanut butter buttercream and chopped peanuts.
Caramel Royale
Moist vanilla cake filled with creamy vanilla pudding and toffee bits, topped with caramel buttercream and toffee bits.
Cookie Monster
Rich chocolate cake filled with creamy vanilla and crumbled cookies, topped with real vanilla frosting and cookie bits.
Custom cakes and designs are available on request.

6" round serves 10-12  $40
8" round serves 15-20  $50
9" round serves 20-26  $60
10" round serves 30  $75
12" round serves 50-65  $100